Movie Night: Sucker Punch

Movie Night, brought to you late this week by the letters N, R, and L, in conjunction with the Children’s Television Workshop. But seriously, it’s late due to Rugby League finals. Not entirely convinced I made the right choice, but what can you do, eh? As the title says, the movie of the week is Sucker Punch. Not being American, I’m not sure how much this movie was advertised or anticipated, but here I saw nothing about it until a week or so after it had been released, so that’s always promising. Anyway.

Sucker Punch is a trippy little tale about the ideal of “freedom”. At least, that’s my interpretation of it. As previously noted, I’m hardly an authority on these things. The “dream sequences”, for lack of a better term, are rather heavy-handed on the slow motion, but it never gets tired. The action is suitably impressive to justify it. While I never got fully invested with the characters, I could still understand where they were coming from, and their motivations. The ending felt a little tacked on to me, as if the creators wanted to send the audience hope somewhere near happy, rather than abrupt horror. More movies should take opportunities when they can, rather than sticking to formula, even though that’s what sells. Sucker Punch had the feel of an indie project given a Hollywood budget, and it worked really well. Rating wise, 4.5/5.