Movie Night: The Omega Man

Movie Night rolls on another week, with the 1971 film The Omega Man, AKA: “The Ωmega Man”, and is based on the novel I Am Legend, which some might recognise as a Will Smith movie. Which is unfortunate. Having only really known about the film from references, most notably The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror, this made a great selection for bye week.

The movie holds up rather well, despite being over 40 years old (isn’t THAT a sobering thought?), and given the technological limitations of the time. The Family were too reasonable for my tastes, seeing as how I expected them to be slightly more monstrous. Realistically, you could’ve replaced them with a non-specifically religious cult for the same effect. I also would’ve liked to see Charlton Heston be isolated more; once the major players were introduced, things started to feel rushed. Almost as if there was another quarter of the movie that was cut, without being properly checked for continuity. Some pacing issues and minor editing glitches put a bit of a crimp in an otherwise solid story. Overall, 2.5/5.