Ace Visibility Day



On May 8,2015 the Ace Community will be posting photos and graphics of Ace cards to correspond with their orientations. This is not intended to be a selfie day, however if you would like to post a selfie WITH your card, that’s your prerogative.The delegations are as follows:

  • Ace of Hearts: Alloromantic Asexual – experiences romantic attraction regularly toward one or more genders. This includes orientations such as heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, polyromantic, and panromantic.
  • Ace of Spades: Aromantic Asexual – does not experience romantic attraction toward any gender.
  • Ace of Diamonds: Demiromantic/Demisexual & Grey-aromantic/Grey-Asexual– Experiences romantic and/or sexual attraction only if a strong emotional bond is established. OR Experiences romantic/sexual attraction rarely, not strongly enough to act on, only under specific circumstances, or fluctuates between periods of experiencing attraction and not experiencing it.
  • Ace of Clubs: Questioning/Unsure of Orientation – Aware they fall on the aromantic and/or asexual spectrum, but not sure where. 

Please spread the word on this and if you’re participating, be sure to tag your photos: #AceDay.


This has been moved to May 8, 2015 so as not to interfere with other movements!


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