Tumblr Repost


A few months ago I was looking for an art project. There’s a lot of advice around for beginning artist, and one of the things I’d heard was to do small pieces, and finish them. Practice starting and finishing pieces. So that’s what I was looking for, a small art project I could take from an idea, all the way to a finished project.

I’d recently read a The Adventure Zone fanfic by the wonderful Nikki Nicnevin (Tumblr/Twitter), called “suddenly and from nothing at all”, and it had stuck in my brain. With Nikki’s permission, I decided to adapt it into comic form, cause I though that would be easy.

It turns out, it took much more work than I anticipated, and I put it off several times. For “a small project I can finish quickly”, this was a very bad choice. But five months later, here it is. I hope you like it.