Don’t Get the Shapeshifter Drunk


In my friends homebrew system/campaign, I’m playing an “alien” shapeshifter. In one of our most recent encounters, I decided to see what getting drunk is like.

DM: You feel really confident with a sudden need to show off your powers

Me: Hey everyone! Watch this!

I proceed to turn into a bearshark that my party had an encounter with earlier. The patrons start screaming, and my companion, a troll, tries to stop this nonsense

Me: And that’s not all!

I shift into a larger squid as Troll picks me up and starts dragging me out.

DM: Everyone is still screaming. The bartender is advancing with a knife.

We pass by some old guy on the way out.

Me: Hey you!

I immediately turn into the old guy. He starts screaming.

Me: Didn’t like that? How about this!

I sprout squid arms and bat ears. This causes the man to scream even more as Troll finally drags me out into an alley.

Me: Aw, let me back in there, they love me!

Troll: [in WoW Troll accent] They were terrified. Now you calm down, change back into your base form.

Me: [confused] My…base form?

Troll: Yes, you know, human shaped, pale, dark hair?

Me: Oh yeah, right.

I immediately shift into what he described, except without a face.

DM: Troll, make a con check.

He fails

DM: You fear vomit.

Troll and I then spent several minutes while he tried to remind me what face parts looked like. Later on, when we returned to the party I shifted into another member of our party to mock him, then fell asleep.

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