Character Playlists

I’d like to think I’ve gotten better as a roleplayer, though I’d be the first to point out my many, many flaws in that regard. Part of that is understanding the character. So in that regard, I’ve gone back through my previous and current campaigns and constructed Spotify music playlists that lead to discussing their inspirations and arcs in a method that isn’t just a big text dump.

Samantha Symonds, Human Engineer: You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

VK-3T, Droid Scholar: This Is My Redemption Song

Silence, Tiefling Bard: I’m Not Ashamed, I’m Not Afraid, I’m Not Okay

Branma, Dwarf Fighter: Be Something You Love And Understand

Tanar’ri, Elf Ranger: No-one Alive Can Always Be An Angel

Ainsley “Sonata” Avison: I Wanna Be Free To Feel The Way I Feel

Knife-Knife, The Knife Gnome: Don’t You Tell Me To Smile

Carsi, the Weaver: Forget What You Know And Just Take My Advice