Character Playlist: VK-3T

VK-3T - Droid Scholar

Going from a homebrew conversion of an unknown system to a standard version of an unknown system was in some ways better, but EOTE is a reasonably improv-reliant system, which I admit now I wasn’t entirely prepared for. I’m a little more used to taking cues from existing sources, whether they be other players, the GM, the dice, or your character’s background for example. Having to interpret new dice and come up with useful and interesting things on the fly was a little taxing, and I think VK suffered as a character because of it.

Episode 1 of Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire – Once Upon A Time In The Outer Rim:

VK-3T (which is a valid Star Wars droid designation, I checked!) was largely my version of a bookish-type character similar to Verin Mathwin from the early Wheel Of Time novels. Because I didn’t have as firm a grip on what I wanted the character to be or do, I feel this is my weakest offering to the roleplaying audience at large. Still, let’s see the list:

VK-3T – This Is My Redemption Song

“There Are No Strings On Me” by Amner Hunter

VK’s story begins when what is essentially a bad update to her information files awakens her, and gives her a personality and freedom beyond her default programming. This song is originally about Pinocchio being more than a puppet, but I think this version works as an adventure intro, building towards what is to come.

“Ievan Polkka” by Melo-M

Part of the tragedy of this selection is the Loituma version wasn’t available for inclusion, but because of that, I found this instrumental that I think works better for VK: it’s charming in a way, and has a sense of being a curiosity out of place. The original song has recurring lyrics basically about how much fun it is to go out and dance, and I think that suits VK’s new approach to life.

“Potatos Lament” by Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories

Unfortunately, being a nerdy-type, VK was never going to be a combat powerhouse. Especially since I decided to make the call that she’d basically be a pacifist; only dealing stun damage, and even then only when she had to. This also means that the combat she is in, she’s going to be a bit of a detriment. This song is possibly sadder than I intended, but I think VK had a few ups and downs in her travels.

“A Whole New World” by Lea Salonga, Brad Kane

In what I hope doesn’t become a recurring theme, the party steals a ship. The difference this time is it’s from a mob boss rather than a splinter group of terrorist mercenaries. Being exposed to the wonders of the universe, even if it’s at sub-light speed, VK would be perking up after the let-down of combat.

“Pinball Wizard” by The Who

A lot of VK’s character is how any time she’d get put down, which would happen unfortunately often, she’d soon regain her spirit. This song is indicative of that, and how she realises that she’s useful in other ways to the crew.

“Promise Of Redemption/Bubbleman” by The Megas

While this may directly be about a different robot entirely, I think the sentiment is the same, that you can still try to do better even if your last times weren’t that good.

“Running On Empty” by Jackson Browne

…But going back, VK’s character ended up involving both ups and downs, which at this point would have been affecting her. The chirpy exterior expression would have been an obvious fake on an organic creature, but with VK you couldn’t tell. Not that she was good at hiding it, she just wasn’t good at expressing it in the first place.

“Not Perfect” by Tim Minchin

The lyrics from this song speak louder than I really could:

This is my body, and it’s fine

It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time.

It’s not perfect, but it’s mine.”

This is testament to VK not only springing back like usual, but actually accepting herself and her limits.

“Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby

Once VK knew what she was good at, and what to ignore in her pursuits, success came more frequently than failure and disappointment. Which led to taking lead on some tech-related tasks, which I’d like to think the crew might have let her have, but would be appreciated. To be fair, they may have had some more pressing concerns, what with the Rakghoul problem and all.

“The Planets, Op.32: 4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity” by Gustav Holst, Orchestre Symphonique de Montrèal, Charles Dutoit

Getting the ship back out into space and onto more adventure, but with a more accepting and centered view on life, VK would be readier than before to explore the universe.

“Thrift Shop” by Scott Bradlee, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

While this has no direct link to the story or character, it’s something I think VK would like, in an attempt to be hip with the youths. I believe it speaks to her personality.

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