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Alternative to the tired old wizard-with-a-sugar-daddy interpretation of the patron/warlock relationship in Dungeons & Dragons:

  • Clueless boss and long-suffering employee, whose powers are basically the magical equivalent of pilfering office supplies for personal use
  • Scheming master and duplicitous apprentice who are totally open about their loathing for each other and are keen to see who betrays whom first
  • Bureaucratic devil and soul-peddling diabolist with a contract a mile long, each honestly believing they’re getting the better of the other
  • Glowering quartermaster and loose-cannon operative, whose record for getting results just barely justifies the expense of employing them
  • Indifferent parent who pays their estranged offspring’s allowance like clockwork but otherwise prefers to deal with them as little as possible
  • Vast, slumbering god-monster and amoral parabiologist who knows which spots to poke with a stick to provoke particular autonomic responses

You forgot the most important

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