Character Playlist: Knife-Knife, The Knife Gnome


Art by Mikaël Léger

In order to accommodate the travel necessities of players to attend conventions, the main Eberron group was rested for a two-shot set in the same universe, and a side group was brought in. Knife-Knife, is a little one-note as a character which makes her suitable for a short run but not a long term campaign. Linked here is part 2 of 3 of this sidequest, as it’s Knife-Knife’s first appearance:

Episode 35 of D&D 5E – Eberron: Heirs Of Destiny:

Knife-Knife is interesting in a way because of how limited she is. The name itself is a reference to LoadingReadyRun‘s Ghostwatch 2016 podcast, specifically Episode 18: Knife Knife Knifes Airport. The main parts of her character are influenced by Muckmouth of Dinosaur World: The Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG For Ages 10 And Up, and the Jägermonsters of Girl Genius. Because I knew this was going to be a limited adventure, I could play off having to care less about the fate of the character

Knife Knife, The Knife Gnome – Don’t You Tell Me To Smile

“Can I Play With Madness” by Iron Maiden

In a better world, Knife-Knife would have gotten the help she obviously needed early, and a troubled life could have been avoided. Sadly, Knife-Knife was condemned to her fate by being abandoned at a very young age. By sheer luck, she managed to survive it, but the problems inherent in her from the outset coupled with such an upbringing took its toll on her mind.

“Intergalactic” by Beastie Boys

This is more of a continuation on a theme. There’s something quite wrong with Knife-Knife, but at this point, it’s too late.

“The Happy Song” by Poets of the Fall

Struggling to survive, and taking what was necessary eventually gave way to darker desires, as Knife-Knife (having acquired her namesake blades and molding her identity to them) discovered a thrill in hurting others without cause.

“Killer’s Eyes” by The Kink

One day, an attack went too far, and the victim was killed, when previously they would be hurt with little idea of who caused it. Blood was on Knife-Knife’s hands. And she enjoyed it.

“Silent Shout” by The Knife

Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, the murder drew the attention of both the law and criminal element of Trolanport, the city in which home was made in the nation of Zilargo. The Trust, the underside of the governing body of The Triumvirate took Knife-Knife under arrest.

“Wings of a Butterfly” by HIM

In exchange for her service, not only would Knife-Knife be exonerated for her crimes to date, she would be employed by the Trust and trained to utilise her skills.

“The Gears” by Dethklok

Due to her “quirks”, training was difficult, but the mental conditioning was strong. Now a skilled assassin, Knife-Knife was a dedicated servant of the Trust: unwavering and loyal.

“Fools Rush In” by Ricky Nelson

Where the adventure begins, Knife-Knife is commissioned to retrieve an artifact from the Mournlands, a region scarred by war in unknowable, magical ways, where the immutable laws of the universe were mutable.

“A Fire in the Distant Hills” by Disparition

I feel this is thematic to the Mournlands as a whole: a desolate landscape where corpses are frozen in time, magic is wild and loose, and no-one’s ever really sure of themselves.

“One For The Money” by Escape the Fate

Having completed the mission (even at a cost), Knife-Knife rejected the offer of her temporary allies to adventure on, wishing only to return to her dark work. Despite all common sense, one of the party, a Dragonborn named Kanak, insisted on accompanying her. What becomes of them, remains to be seen.

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