Character Playlist: Tanar’ri Arael’mor

Tanar'ri Arael'mor - Elven Ranger

Continuing on from the previous playlist, Tanar’ri’s journey through the lands of Eberron against her will (largely) takes a different tone as her character begins to grow. Rather than being the stubborn tag-along, she actually being to pull her weight and begins bonding with her teammates. Mostly. As with the last list, linked here is not the first episode of the campaign, but it is Tanar’ri’s first episode:

Episode 22 of D&D 5E – Eberron: Heirs Of Destiny:

The inspiration of the character is the same as last time, so read that if you want to revisit my thoughts on the subject.

Tanar’ri Arael’mor – Storm In The Quiet

“Refusal” by Strike Anywhere

Tanar’ri continues to clash with the party, in ways that are detrimental to group cohesion. But she’s stuck with them as much as they’re stuck with her.

“Beggin For Thread” by BANKS

She hates having to accommodate her sense of self to the party as a whole, but she recognises that unless she begins to play along, the group would be better served leaving her to her own devices. And had there not been the offer of a pardon on the table, Tanar’ri might have preferred that option. This song also ties into her primary language being Elven, and having not the strongest grip on the Common tongue.

“Madness” by Ruelle

Tanar’ri’s secrets come out, as Edwin steals her private journal and goes through it. From her early days of inability to cope under familial pressure, to the reason for her exile, to her thoughts on the party and the journey thus far. But far from writing her off completely, Edwin acknowledges her trials, and offers an olive branch.

“The Place I Left Behind” by The Deep Dark Woods

Adrift in the city of Sharn, a distant cry from the forests of Aerenal. Tanar’ri feels more distant from her connections than ever. Still, there is one that seems to be growing…

“Heartbeats” by The Knife

Giving in to her growing passion, Tanar’ri sneaks into Edwin’s room, and makes a move on the more receptive brother. A night enjoyed by both parties involved. Early in the morning, she is so dismayed over her conflicting emotions, she drinks herself into oblivion, erasing the evening from her memory and some of the previous growth of spirit. But not before writing herself a note, hastily torn from the journal and secreted away.

“Foolish” by The Bright Sessions Cast, Lauren Shippen

Weeks pass, and the relationship between Edwin and Tanar’ri remains tense. While in the city of Arcanix, Tanar’ri discovers the discarded page of her journal, and recalls her previous memories of that night. She calls Edwin out in the middle of the night, and taking a great leap of faith, divulges her real name: Ilyrana Tolaen. Despite the restriction of time together based on the longevity of their respective races, they commit to try, and see how it goes.

“Don’t Deserve You” by Plumb

Emboldened by her decision to commit to a relationship, Tanar’ri takes a moment to reflect on how her journey has evolved, and dedicates a poem to Edwin, along with a small trinket reminiscent of her homeland of Aerenal.

“I’m A Monster” by Austra

Despite reassurances, Tanar’ri can’t shake the feeling that she will persist long after every one of her companions are long dead. Especially once Edwin decides to leave the party to retire in the disguise of a Cultist of Vol. She is more detached than ever, only the chase of Erandis Vol keeps her around.

“In The Air Tonight” by Nonpoint

Erandis Vol: One of the biggest mistakes the Aerenali ever permitted to happen. Tanar’ri finds herself in the endgame of a situation that would leave one or both of them dead. She resolves to make sure it’s just one, and that one isn’t her. Or die trying.

“The Trooper” by Hellsongs

With Erandis taken out of the picture by a literal deus ex machina, via the intervention of the Raven Queen, the party face one last threat: The reemergence of the dark goddess Sul’Katesh, inhabiting the form of Kira, one of Tanar’ri’s allies. She knows that evil must be defeated, regardless of her safety.

EPILOGUE: One day in the future, Tanar’ri sits, disguised, in the booth at the bar she had designated. An unfamiliar face joins her, but with a smile, reforms itself into one far more welcome. The two embrace.