Character Playlist: Flimp Plim

Flimp Plim - Gnome Barbarian

Coming off the longest campaign to date, we had an interlude that will be covered in a later playlist, then launched into a then-current release game of Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, as the DM was quite excited to run it. By this stage, I’d well and truly sunk my teeth into 5th Edition, so felt comfortable taking a bit of a weird route with this character. People were amused to hear my take on an accent. Spoiler alert for the playlist, Flimp’s story does not start with episode 1, but comes out later. If you have the interest to follow along, you’ll know when the list starts. Linked here is both the first episode of the campaign, and Flimp’s debut:

Episode One of Descent Into Avernus – Orders At The Gate

Flimp is… weird. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. She’s a twisted rationalist who ultimately got better than she deserved. The main inspiration for the character was Auron from Final Fantasy X, though there are pieces of Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street series, and Huckleberry Hound from the Hanna Barbera cartoons. As I said, it’s a weird mix that results in, I think, an interesting story.

Flimp Plim – Is There Something Left Of Me To Save?

“Feed The Machine” by Nickelback

Our story begins years before the first episode. The gnomish town of Manangatang, northeast of Baldur’s Gate. Flimp tires her hand at a variety of trades, never quite managing to figure them out. Along the way, she falls in love with the tailor’s assistant (and later tailor proper) Tulla Blom. A devil by the name of Haruman visits the town demanding tribute. The town are too scared to say no.

“V: The Stand (Man or Machine)” by The Protomen

Finding a will to fight back, Flimp gathers a small militia of friends. Bolstered by her own overconfidence, she invites Tulla to accompany them, so Flimp can show off. This becomes her second mistake. First being to fight in the first place.

“The Quick And The Blue/Quickman” by The Megas

The battle starts well, but it becomes evident Haruman is just toying with the mortals, enjoying playtime.

“Judas” by Fozzy

With her party swiftly failing, Haruman makes an offer. One of them could join him as his eternal servant, while the others die quickly, or they could continue to fight and suffer. The group rebuke the offer, except Flimp takes it, scared and afraid of dying. The devil is true to his word: Flimp is healed, and the others are quickly dispatched, the bystander Tulla included.

“You Can’t Run Away” by Brendon Small

Flimp learns more of her bargain. She is unkillable in any permanent way, but in return, she has to lead others to their demise at Haruman’s hands. Never too long in the same town, never in the same appearance twice, never any survivors other than the “valiant hero” Flimp, who “bravely defeated” whatever evil had taken the rest of her allies this time. Always Haruman. Always blood on her hands.

“Going Under” by Evanescence

This routine continues for an unknown amount of time, with Flimp becoming aware of Haruman’s presence and continuing the charade at the cost of dozens, hundreds of innocent lives. One day, he vanishes. Not just away in the sense he had been thus far, but completely gone. With her last sense guiding her towards the city of Baldur’s Gate, Flimp decides she’s had enough, and wants this to end. One way, or the other.

“Hydrogen” by M|O|O|N

Allowing her rage to empower her, Flimp fights alongside her newly acquired teammates with reckless abandon. Almost like she’s aware she can’t be hurt…

“Fuck You I’m Drunk” by The Spoilers

Intending to send a message to Haruman that she was coming for him, Flimp marked a target for gruesome torture that became known to others. Seeing the target freed, Flimp acted too calmly and decided to drink the frustration away. Unfortunately, she encountered a man well along the drunken path already by the time she arrived at the local watering hole. Unable to think straight in a blind fury, she ensured he was basically out cold in ale before escorting the man out, and beating him to death. All in the hope of letting Haruman know she was on his tail.

“Auron’s Theme” by Nobou Uematsu

When the tortured ghosts of her former allies, those who fought Haruman long ago, start appearing in battle, Flimp reacts poorly. The party confront her, and learn the tale of Haruman’s deal, and Flimp’s circumstances.

“Heaven Knows” by The Pretty Reckless

Finding herself in Avernus, the first layer of the nine hells, Flimp feels a kind of bittersweet kinship. She recognises that she belongs here for all her ill deeds, if not for her unholy resurrections.

“Ready To Let Go” by Cage The Elephant

Knowing the end is nearing, Flimp prepares herself for the final battle, regardless of outcome. She makes her peace, and leads the party to Haruman’s location: Haruman’s Hill.

“Gohan Fights Frieza” by Bruce Faulconer

At the end of things, Flimp fights with all the years of pent-up fury, with her friends, old and new, by her side.

“I Don’t Care – Acoustic” by Ed Sheeran

Haruman defeated, Flimp can feel all the energy leaving her body, as she finally begins to find rest. The spirits of her departed friends, led by Tulla, guide Flimp to the afterlife of the righteous; her good deeds somehow enough to counterbalance her life in servitude.