Movie Night: Black Swan

For my return to control of Movie Night, in all honesty, I went in with no game plan. I’d heard good things about this movie from a few sources, some of which I even trust the opinions of! It wasn’t quite what I was expecting out of a “psychological thriller”, but that’s probably my movie background showing. I think I expected, well, just more. It felt a little slow, but once things started, they started alright. Natalie Portman does a remarkable job of getting people emotionally involved, so even with “nothing happening” it still feels engaging. Even my brother, who’s notoriously hard to please, managed with: “I didn’t think I’d like all that high-class, ultra-drama bull, but it worked.”

I will say, it could really have done without all the sex. For pete’s sake, you’d think people were magnetic with how often everyone was either touching themselves or everyone else. Despite the gratuitous sex, I’d give Black Swan a 4/5.