Movie Night: The Omega Man

Movie Night rolls on another week, with the 1971 film The Omega Man, AKA: “The Ωmega Man”, and is based on the novel I Am Legend, which some might recognise as a Will Smith movie. Which is unfortunate. Having only really known about the film from references, most notably The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror, this made a great selection for bye week.

The movie holds up rather well, despite being over 40 years old (isn’t THAT a sobering thought?), and given the technological limitations of the time. The Family were too reasonable for my tastes, seeing as how I expected them to be slightly more monstrous. Realistically, you could’ve replaced them with a non-specifically religious cult for the same effect. I also would’ve liked to see Charlton Heston be isolated more; once the major players were introduced, things started to feel rushed. Almost as if there was another quarter of the movie that was cut, without being properly checked for continuity. Some pacing issues and minor editing glitches put a bit of a crimp in an otherwise solid story. Overall, 2.5/5.

Movie Night: Sucker Punch

Movie Night, brought to you late this week by the letters N, R, and L, in conjunction with the Children’s Television Workshop. But seriously, it’s late due to Rugby League finals. Not entirely convinced I made the right choice, but what can you do, eh? As the title says, the movie of the week is Sucker Punch. Not being American, I’m not sure how much this movie was advertised or anticipated, but here I saw nothing about it until a week or so after it had been released, so that’s always promising. Anyway.

Sucker Punch is a trippy little tale about the ideal of “freedom”. At least, that’s my interpretation of it. As previously noted, I’m hardly an authority on these things. The “dream sequences”, for lack of a better term, are rather heavy-handed on the slow motion, but it never gets tired. The action is suitably impressive to justify it. While I never got fully invested with the characters, I could still understand where they were coming from, and their motivations. The ending felt a little tacked on to me, as if the creators wanted to send the audience hope somewhere near happy, rather than abrupt horror. More movies should take opportunities when they can, rather than sticking to formula, even though that’s what sells. Sucker Punch had the feel of an indie project given a Hollywood budget, and it worked really well. Rating wise, 4.5/5.

Movie Night: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Movie Night this week is another pick of mine, and another film that’s gone under the radar for a little bit. I mean, that’s understandable, isn’t it? It’s not like it was a major release that’s been out in the world longer than I have, right? …Right? Anyway, moving right along.

Although I’m still not fond of action movies, Raiders was at least able to keep me watching with interest, unlike other movies that shall remain Lethal Weapon. Besides a somewhat generic plot that had me asking a couple questions at the end, the only real problem I had was with Harrison Ford. Not that he’s a bad actor, I would’ve preferred to see more done with him. I was a little distracted by the actor who played Sallah, until the credits revealed it to be John Rhys-Davies, which led to my brain filling in Sliders references when available. Overall, I can see why it’s a favourite of people, and I might even be willing to rewatch it. Later, of course. 3.5/5.

Movie Night: Lethal Weapon

Tonight’s Movie Night is another Bye Week pick. I can’t really think of too much to say here. It’s been out for a little while, so I’m assuming most of you would’ve seen it if you were remotely interested. Keep in mind, I’m not really an action movie type of guy.

Mel Gibson “acts” crazy, but trash tv has taught me it’s probably not an act. Credit where it’s due, it DID fit the character. The movie as a whole felt… empty to me. I was expecting either more plot or more action. And yes, I know one of those things was a real long shot. It just felt like filler for the most part. I never felt engaged enough with the story, and there wasn’t enough action to switch my brain off. Overall, not my cup of tea. I’d give a 2.5/5.

Movie Night: Black Swan

For my return to control of Movie Night, in all honesty, I went in with no game plan. I’d heard good things about this movie from a few sources, some of which I even trust the opinions of! It wasn’t quite what I was expecting out of a “psychological thriller”, but that’s probably my movie background showing. I think I expected, well, just more. It felt a little slow, but once things started, they started alright. Natalie Portman does a remarkable job of getting people emotionally involved, so even with “nothing happening” it still feels engaging. Even my brother, who’s notoriously hard to please, managed with: “I didn’t think I’d like all that high-class, ultra-drama bull, but it worked.”

I will say, it could really have done without all the sex. For pete’s sake, you’d think people were magnetic with how often everyone was either touching themselves or everyone else. Despite the gratuitous sex, I’d give Black Swan a 4/5.

Movie Night: Police Academy

Tonight’s Movie Night is the second of the bye weeks, with the “unseen classic” reasoning. I’m sure most of you have either seen this already or at least know about it. An inoffensive comedy featuring numerous jokes that have already been used in other places, so I guess this is where they got the ideas from. I agree with my brother, that it’s good to see a comedy that doesn’t just resort to crass, common-denominator style humour. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Overall, I’d recommend it as part of a block of movies. It struggles a little on its own, and I’m not sure how well it would stand up over time. You know, more than has already passed. I’d give it a 3/5.