Movie Night: Pulp Fiction

Due to overwhelming demand, the Halloween edition of Movie Night is postponed, most likely until next year. Next big holiday is Christmas, but don’t hold your breath. We all know how these things turn out. Anyway, another cult classic with references aplenty this week. Not to say the film itself had many references, just that it has spawned so many. I should add, however, that this is the first pick that had some technical problems with it, but not enough to throw opinions over. Hopefully, the attentive of you may pick up on the fact that I’m back on the gameplan-train. Which is good. Because I totally am. For real.

It’s easy to see why Pulp Fiction gets called a “cult classic”: there’s a fair amount of different material that would dissuade a mainstream audience; while at the same time, retaining a spark of quirk that would resonate with the people who would stick around or make a repeat viewing. The film has some long-ass shots in it, which I feel add to the films’ appeal. In places, it’s almost like a documentary. On the subject of filming, I don’t think this film has aged as well as it could have, especially when stacked against other movies of the time. It could be a style issue, or a money issue, or something else. It seems a double-edged sword: it adds to the tone of the narrative, but subtracts from the integrity of the scene. Then again, Quentin Tarantino is one of the “modern masters” of cinema, whereas I’m a nobody/casual observer, so what would I know? The cameos are strong without being overplayed, and the main cast fits really well with their characters. I feel that the disjointed nature of the narrative really helps it; I don’t think it would have held up if shown sequentially. All in all, a good film, if not my cup of tea: 3.5/5.