Movie Night: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Movie Night this week is another pick of mine, and another film that’s gone under the radar for a little bit. I mean, that’s understandable, isn’t it? It’s not like it was a major release that’s been out in the world longer than I have, right? …Right? Anyway, moving right along.

Although I’m still not fond of action movies, Raiders was at least able to keep me watching with interest, unlike other movies that shall remain Lethal Weapon. Besides a somewhat generic plot that had me asking a couple questions at the end, the only real problem I had was with Harrison Ford. Not that he’s a bad actor, I would’ve preferred to see more done with him. I was a little distracted by the actor who played Sallah, until the credits revealed it to be John Rhys-Davies, which led to my brain filling in Sliders references when available. Overall, I can see why it’s a favourite of people, and I might even be willing to rewatch it. Later, of course. 3.5/5.